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Curated Beauty Products

SkinGlow by Kimmarie beauty products are selectively hand crafted and curated for the discerning user to provide skin care with no chemical residue or after effects. Caution: All raw, organic product Ori Shea will react to its environment. Organic Ori will liquify in the summer heat when temperature is high, left in a car, at summer pool time, etc; and harden when its cold.


Other Shea Butter products are chemically processed with additives and fragrances that dilutes the potency of shea butter. SGbK Ori is all natural, raw Shea Butter with no additives or chemical processing.

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Take s small amount out of the jar and warm it between your fingers and hands.
Press Ori Shea into your face for maximum protection and healing.
Massage into cuticles and hands.
Massage into feet, elbows or any areas needing to be softened and healed.

Marula Oil

Our Marula Oil is pure, uncut, undiluted natural extract delivered as nature intended for an unforgettable luxurious experience. With no added fragrance, the oil leaves your skin refreshed.

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Lightweight and non-greasy, marula oil can be used daily.
It can be used as a stnadalone product or it can be used with other serums and moisturizers.
It's often incorporated into intensive night creams for extra hydration while you sleep.

Oatmeal Cookie Bar

Perfect for all skin types, including those with itchy irritated skin!

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Bathe or wash your hands and face.